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Turn Watcher 1.1 is out!

Made to Order Software Corporation is proud to announce the 1.1 release of Turn Watcher, the best GM's Initiative Manager!

For those of you who bought the 1 year's worth of updates for Turn Watcher back in 2006, we have really good news: we extended the duration of your privilege to download newer versions until the end of 2007!

Version 1.1 includes an optional initiative window which allows manual entry of initiative rolls for all combatants. Now you can let players make their own initiative rolls!

Use the Spot/Listen/Will roll feature a lot? Now Turn Watcher automatically sorts your combatants with a single click of a button. You may also choose to input the DC to cause those combatants who made the check to be highlighted in green.

The initiative dice can optionally be changed, instead of requiring you to use 1d20. This allows you to use Turn Watcher to handle the initiative for different gaming systems. You can enter 2d10+3, for example, and the computer will roll this instead of a straight 1d20.

Finally, we added RPM packages in order to enable our FedoraCore users to very easilly install Turn Watcher on their system. So now we support all of the following systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP
  • Linux Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Linspire, Debian
  • Linux FedoraCore 5, RedHat, Mandrake
  • Other Linux distributions



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