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Made to Order Software announces PHP eFax

Made to Order Software created a new software package to support the eFax protocol using PHP.

eFax® is a strong and still growing company providing a very fast and reliable system to send faxes cheaply nearly anywhere worldwide. Their system works with the Internet and thus is accessible to your website.

PHP is a powerful language used to program Internet Websites. It has many features to handle dynamic pages as required by today's corporate world. PHP comes with very many free libraries and also many enhancements offered by companies.

Made to Order Software combined both: the eFax technology and the PHP language to create PHP eFax.

The capability to send faxes using PHP was first created by Made to Order Software in order to send faxes to restaurants. In 2007, we created a product named Order Made! This product let's patrons order food from an easy to use website. Orders are forwarded to the restaurant staff via email, fax, or both.

PHP eFax was born! eFax does not provide any support for a PHP implementation and it seemed obvious to us that if our best programmer spent about one week in developing this package, it would save other companies a lot of money if we were to offer them access to our PHP eFax software package.

PHP eFax can be installed in minutes. Time to put it in your cart, enter your credit card information, download the file, unpack the file on your server, write less than 10 lines of code, you are all set!

Alexis Wilke
Made to Order Software Corporation