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The odbcpp library is now available!

Made to Order Software now uses the ODBC library with its modb library (which is part of our molib product.) Unfortunately, it is not only written in C, it generates many errors. Actually, every single function has the potential of returning an error. For this reason, using the C interface is simply not a safe option.

For this reason, Alexis Wilke, our CEO, wrote an C++ wrapper called odbcpp. It encapsulates all the necessary ODBC calls to access any ODBC compatible database.

The odbcpp library ensures the proper management of all the resources for you. It allocates and frees the handles as required. It prevents you from calling certain functions before others (for instance, you cannot send an SQL order before you connect to a database.) And it manages the data records in a very C++ oriented way, which is much safer than using direct buffer pointers and lengths.

And best of all, this library is protected under the GPL. This means you can download it right now, test it and see for yourself whether it works or not. It is available on the website.

Alexis Wilke
Made to Order Software Corporation



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