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New Professional Developer Tools

Made to Order Software Corporation is proud to present three new products, announced at the Linux on Wall Street conference in New York City, New York!

  • molib™

A robust application toolkit library, molib gives you the power to develop cross-platform applications quickly and easily. It abstracts operating system calls through C++ objects (i.e. moFile and moDirectory abstract access to the file system, moDatabase to a database of your choice and moApplication to the system environment). This lets you write code once to create applications which compile and run under Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS/X.

  • the sandbox™

Create GUI applications using open source tools with ease, and port them between platforms with our new Sandbox technology! molib is compatible with our Sandbox, and we recommend both to build robust, secure and stable GUI applications.

  • sswf™ support

Our open source, robust C++ library and scripting language to create Adobe Flash animations just got better with the addition of official support by Made to Order Software Corporation.


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