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PHP eFax v1.1 released

In 2007, Made to Order Software created a software package to support the eFax protocol using PHP. Early in 2008, we offered the package for your developers to send faxes from your web server in just minutes anywhere in the world. Now, we offer PHP eFax version 1.1 that not only sends faxes, it also parses inbound faxes with a single call to the PHP eFax object.

eFax® is a company offering a reliable system to send and receive faxes cheaply. Their system works with the Internet and thus is directly accessible to your web server.

This newer version includes Unit Tests that are used to verify the validity of the class. This is very useful if you need to make changes to our class, you can verify that your changes do not break the eFax protocol.

As we were working on a new version, we also enhanced the documentation and made two small bug fixes.

Note that if you purchased version 1.0, you have access and can download version 1.1.

Alexis Wilke
Made to Order Software Corporation



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