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Order Made!® has its own website

After a couple of months, we finally released the Order Made! website.Order Made! Demo Page

Order Made! is an online system for ordering food from restaurants. This isn’t new, others have done it before, however, Order Made! uses our Instant Cart technology. This means: it is very fast! So fast, that customers will return to the ordering page over and over again. All the better for the restaurant owners using Order Made!

And it is not just fast, it is also very easy to use. Customers can order an item by clicking on it. Voilà! For the few items that require you to select a specific ingredient (bread, sauce, toppings, etc.) you get one sub-window, again, very easy to use!

Please, visit the Order Made! website to get more information.

And if you are interested in having an Instant Cart too, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to develop your very own Instant Cart. Our Instant Cart works perfectly under MS-Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux.