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Server Switch!

For the last few days, Doug and I have been working on switching from our old server to our new server. The new one is with that offers VPS (Virtual Private Servers). It was a nice surprise, the computer we have access to has 8 processors running at 3Ghz (”proven” by the Linux Bogomips computation: 5985.31) And so far, I’ve seen about 0.8% of one processor being used. The rest is 100% idle most of the time!

For the hard disk, we cannot know the total size. Probably tera-bytes. We only see what we’re offered which isn’t much but the OS (Operating System) is not included in your space. If you prefer, if you put a 1Gb website on your server, then you are using 1Gb. If it were to include the OS, it would be 2.5Gb or so. And they will take care of updating their side of the OS. Making it more secure. We can also add missing entries ourselves (apt-get install <package name>).

The OS is actually “common”. This means multiple users have access to the same files. Everything being on a VPS, you do not actually see the other users.

This may generate a few problems to our websites… So far, it looks pretty good.


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