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PHP Pay Junction: PayJunctionException Class Reference

An exception used by the PayJunction class. More...

Detailed Description

The PayJunction class throws this exception whenever an invalid parameter is detected.

Each time a function is called, parameters are checked for validity. If a parameter is not valid in any way (a negative amount to charge or credit on a card, for instance,) then this exception is thrown.

The exception is also thrown whenever two functions that are exclusive are called. For instance, the PayJunction::set_settle() and PayJunction::set_posture() functions cannot both be called since they both define the type of transaction to be used by PayJunction::process().

Finally, whenever you call PayJunction::verify() or PayJunction::process() the functions check whether all the necessary fields were defined. When a parameter is missing or is contradictory to the function, this exception is raised.

PayJunctionException is an extension of the PHP Exception class.

The class is otherwise empty.

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