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odbcpp: include/odbcpp/record.h File Reference

#include "statement.h"
#include <map>
#include <sqlucode.h>
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class  odbcpp::dynamic_record::bind_info_t
 Structure holding bind information for a dynamically allocated column. More...

class  odbcpp::record::bind_info_t
 The structure used to hold the binding information. More...

class  odbcpp::buffer< T >
 Class used to manage a block of memory. More...

class  odbcpp::dynamic_record
 A record that is automatically linked at run time. More...

class  odbcpp::record
 Manage a static (pre-bound) record to fetch data. More...

class  odbcpp::record_base
 The record base class, used mainly internally. More...


namespace  odbcpp

The odbcpp wrapper is fully enclosed in the odbcpp namespace.


typedef buffer< char > odbcpp::buffer_char_t
 A specialization of the buffer template of type char.

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