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odbcpp: Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
odbcpp::dynamic_record::bind_info_tStructure holding bind information for a dynamically allocated column
odbcpp::record::bind_info_tThe structure used to hold the binding information
odbcpp::buffer< T >Class used to manage a block of memory
odbcpp::connectionHandles a connection between you and the database server
odbcpp::environment::data_source_tHolds information about a data source
odbcpp::diag_tRecords the data read from the diagnostic function
odbcpp::diagnosticA class holding the information of a complete diagnostic
odbcpp::dynamic_recordA record that is automatically linked at run time
odbcpp::environmentAn ODBC environment
odbcpp::handleManage an ODBC handle
odbcpp::objectBase class used to handle smart pointers
odbcpp::odbcpp_errorThe odbcpp exception object
odbcpp::recordManage a static (pre-bound) record to fetch data
odbcpp::record_baseThe record base class, used mainly internally
odbcpp::smartptr< T >Ensure proper management of objects
odbcpp::statementThe handle to run SQL statements
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