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Hacking, Good or Bad?

I already mentioned the American Government as being a target of many hackers.

You may also remember that in 1998, the Department of Defense was hacked by someone named Ehud Tenenbau. He was arrested at the time. He was still a teenager then.

Once back on the streets, he decided to wear a white hat and helped companies, many in Israel, to enhance their defenses. But that was only his day time job!

I guess that once you had a taste for a bad behavior, you just go on with it.

He got caught again this year, 10 years later, for stealing close to $2 million from Direct Cash Management. He was not alone, he worked with 3 others, all in Calgary, Canada. Their scheme was not a very good one since it involved going to ATM machines and withdraw some cash, although illegally, that leaves pretty obvious tracks, to my point of view. And yet, they had the time to steal quite a bit of it before getting caught!

So… if you hire a white hat hacker who tells you he will help with fixing your network, run a background check on him! If he has had legal problems before, I suggest you think about it twice.


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