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What Country is this Domain Name Extension from?

Domain Descriptions

Got a URL with a weird extension at the end (i.e. not a .com, .org, .info, .tv...) Wondering where that extension is from? Some, you may know because it is the usual country code, such as .de, .fr or .it. Others are harder to know because you probably did not learn the name of the some 276 countries of the world (know of .fm, .vc, .vg, .ws and .ng?)

Enter the last part of a domain extension (i.e. .uk, not then click on Go to Wikipedia to find detailed information about the extension and how you can get a domain with that extension:

Did you know?

If you are looking for a free domain name, there are countries that offers them. You will probably have to spend a little time to find one... I can tell you that at this time, South Africa will give you a personal domain name for free. You have to send an application and it cannot be for your business.

Know of other tricks about domains? Let us know by posting a coment below!


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