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Sample Usage

The jsMath module is now a filter. By default, the filter detects all the delimiters as defined by the jsMath library. This includes \( ... \), \[ ... \], $$ ... $$, $ ... $. It also supports the tag like syntax with [math], [/math] and [display], [/display].

The [math] tag, parenthesis and single dollar sign generate an inline math equation. This means the result is saved in a <span> tag.

The [display] tag, square brackets and double dollar sign generate a block with the math equation. By default, that block is centered which is the default way of presenting equations. This means the result is saved in a <div> tag.

The double dollar sign delimiter can be changed to generate inline math equations.

What is written between the tags is the usual TeX math equation.

For instance, [math]\sqrt{x^2+1}[/math] and [math]\root 3\of {1-\pi x^2}[/math] generate the following equations:

Square root of x square plus one, and cubic root of one minus pi times x square.

Very practical if you are writing a lot of mathematical equations!