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Upgrade from Table of Contents 2.x to 3.x

Make a Backup


That way you can come back to your previous version if anything goes wrong. So far, no one told me that they had a problem upgrading. Although version 2.x did not have any schema, the new module may modify nodes and generate incompatible tags.

Show stopper

Version 3.x has a new theme() scheme. It is much more powerful has it allows you to create your own header numbering, etc. However, if you already had a theme() overload in your theme, it will stop working until fixed.

Please, in this case, make sure to upgrade on a test system and see how and whether changes are required.

Upgrade procedure

Please, follow these steps one by one.

1. Did you make a backup of your database?

2. Disable the module from your website1

3. DELETE your existing tableofcontents folder

4. Extract the new version of the module

5. Enable the Table of Contents module on your website2


  • 1. Do no remove the tags from your nodes unless you do not want the table to appear there! You can safely keep those!
  • 2. The Anchors module is gone. There are two modules: Table of Contents Filters and Table of Contents Block (new!) The Anchors filter is still available for those who want to use the Block. Otherwise, do NOT use it, it is a waste of processing time. That filter is named: Assign an ID to each header.