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Insert Node Parameter: imagefield or imagecache (6-1.3)

The imagefield parameter allows you to insert a CCK image from the specified node.

The parameter must be set to a very specific value for the feature to function properly. The following describes the value:

imagefield=<field name>:<image cache value>:<type>:<index>

The <field name> is the name of the CCK field. You need to include field_ as the introducer. For example, a field you named image is referenced as field_image.

The <image cache value> represents the way the image is displayed. Most often it represents a size such as small, medium, and large.

The <type> tells the system how to generate the HTML. The Insert Node module supports two types:

  • default — show the image as is
  • link — show the image with the link specified in the CCK field

The <index> returns that image from the CCK array. The default is zero (0) meaning that the very first image is returned. If you are not using a multi-image CCK field (i.e. limited to 1,) then you can ignore this field entirely.

An example to display the large image of you third photo field with the link:


Notice that the third photo is #2 since the counter starts at 0.