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Deleting a (Duplicate) Retweet from your Twitter Feed

Double Retweeting and How to Avoid Over-Duplication

I have seen many people retweeting like crazy and I've noticed that once in a while these people have been retweeting the exact same tweet more than once.

I'm pretty sure that in most cases these people ignore the fact. Personally I find their twitter feed annoying because of that. Retweeting is totally okay, it's sharing what others have tweeted and there is nothing wrong with it. However, seeing the exact same tweet 2, 3, 4, or even 5 times pretty much in a row is rather bad taste. I understand that this very tweet is super exciting, but I'm not too sure that anyone wants to see the same thing over and over again.

Actually, many people, including Twitter themselves, say you should retweet certain things over and over again to make sure that all your followers see said tweet. I don't disagree, this is how advertising works, after all. Yet, it should not be the exact same thing tweeted repetitively over and over again.

One way to avoid that problem is to have about 30 if not 100 tweets ready, then process those one at a time. If you tweet 100 messages automatically in a loop, your twitter wall will not look that bad. Although someone following you closely will probably detect the repeat once it starts over for him or her. But 100 posts is quite a bit to follow!

Now, if you have just 10 or even worse (as I've seen) like 1 or 2... don't repeat them much more than 2 or 3 times, or at least retweet in between your own repeated tweets.

Getting Rid of a Retweet From Your Twitter Feed

So... with all that said, it happens to people to retweet the same thing two or three times because our brain may not always properly store that we already retweeted that very tweet. When that happens and you catch it when you go back to your account, you probably want to remove one of those tweet retweets. To do that, you can click the retweet arrow under the retweet. This is definitely NOT OBVIOUS.

Retweet that Diverse Realty Team made of a hummingbird tweet with a nice picture of a hummingbird.

The picture shows you the "double retweet arrow" that you need to click to get rid of a retweet from your Twitter feed. So whenever you retweet the same thing more than once, you can easily remove all the duplicates.

Note that the Likes and Retweets from others against that retweet post will not really count for your account in this situation. In other words, removing a duplicate retweet will make no difference.

I suppose that in some (many?) cases, the twitter user of such accounts may think that having these retweeted multiple times gives a chance to all those other accounts to get a like or yet another retweet. I think that the chance would be much greater if different tweets where retweeted from each account instead of the exact same tweet from different accounts.

Better Than a Retweet

Whenever you click Retweet, Twitter gives you the ability to enter your own message. If you don't enter a message, this generates a pure retweet. In other words, the tweet appears in your feed with the picture of the other guy, the text from the other guy, and of course the media file (picture/movie) of the tweet.

A much better way is to actually enter a message. Why is that?

1. Your picture will appear next to that tweet

2. Your own words will be attached to that tweet, on top of the words from the other guy; this especially allow you to enter a hash-tag which may get you more/different readers that the first poster would not have gotten (maybe even the first poster did not use any hash-tag, I'm often guilty of that on my personal feed!)

3. Whenever someone visits your Twitter feed, they see what you retweeted as if you posted it (well, nearly) so they see you as important instead of the other guy

4. When these people retweet your tweet, it really is your tweet that they retweet and not the other guy's tweet; in other words, you get credit for the tweet even though you did not create the first tweet content (i.e. the Love and Retweet of your tweet will give your account the boost it deserves)

This obviously will take you longer since you have to enter that new set of words, but I think it is definitely worth the extra work because otherwise your retweets are like external links on your website that do not send people to a new tab: it insight people to leave your feed and never come back.

See the Effects of Your Changes

Whenever you make such changes to your Twitter account, you may want to check out the effects. This is where you need what's called Analytics.

For Twitter, all you need to do is go to their Analytics page and it will automatically show you your numbers.

It will show you the info about your account. You need to be logged in and if you have multiple accounts, you'll have to log out of the current account and log back in a different account to see the analytics from that other account.

If you are like me, you may actually be using multiple browsers and have one Twitter account per browser. That way you don't have to log in and log out all the time. Just log in once in this browser with that user and thus you'll get the analytics of that user in that browser. Quite practical that way. But at the same time, having a single account can be much better (but it could end up being totally untargetted...) because that way you build one larger set of followers and pass all your important matters to them. Yet, if you work on totally different things, having a single account would probably not work because you could be talking about things that most of your audience doesn't really care about most of the time (i.e. I like a lot of things, from science to Dungeons & Dragons, including Computing and Real Estate...


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