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Terms in Complexity

Whether the content of a page is for anyone (beginners) or is for experts only (advanced).


  • Advanced
    You know the system inside out, although you are not a programmer. You will be capable of adding templates in Drupal, or recompile a set of libraries, but you would not be able to write the entire template without a sample.


  • Beginner
    If you are a beginner, this will work for you. A beginner already knows the basics of the software and will use that skill to easily navigate when he needs to go to apply the tricks.


  • Easy
    The documentation found here is very easy to handle even by beginners.
  • Expert
    You know the system like an expert as if you had written it yourself.


  • Intermediate
    You know more of the system than someone who is just starting, yet you are not a programmer and really don't know the ins and outs.