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Cell Phones now open to telemarketers!

That's it! The phone commissioners have finally decided that it's OK for telemarketers to call cell phones and try to sell you their products and services.

Personally, I do not think that, in itself, it is a bad thing... except that if I receive even just 1 call a day and have to spend 1 minute each time, I will be burning 30 minutes a month for nothing. (Okay, with 1,000 minutes a month, it wouldn't matter that much, but that's like text messaging... if you receive spam via your phone and you have to pay 20 cents for each spam email you receive, the bill goes up quickly and for nothing!)

There is a DO NOT CALL LIST. It's easy to use, call +1 (888) 382-12222 and push 1 twice then enter your phone number (para español el primero 2 y 1). Make sure you call from the phone you want to block, otherwise it won't work.

A side note: contrary to most everything else, this registration is temporary. After 5 years, you have to call that number again to renew the block. This is very much done on purpose since you will forget (unless you have a calendar that will remind you in 5 years...) and since it takes 31 days for blocked numbers to be reported to the telemarketers, you will receive calls for a month every 5 years. Be prepared!

Hope this helps a few.