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Microsoft: Vista Worries Cause Businesses to Consider Macs and Linux


Eweek reports:

“A recent survey shows that 44 percent of businesses are considering Mac OS and Linux rather than switching to Vista.”

We are seeing the barbarians at the gate now, and the MS empire begins to show its first signs of crumbling. And it’s been a long time coming, I’m afraid. It goes to show you how ineffective the US anti-trust laws are, and how the free market is self-regulating.

It seems that Microsoft is very out of touch of what their customers really want, and is full steam ahead using its outdated business model of forced upgrading. Looks like business aren’t biting now, because there has to be a good business reason to upgrade. If MS were smart, they’d have dropped Vista and concentrated on just keeping their current customers happy. By forcing an “upgrade”, they are causing their customers to reassess the need for Microsoft in their business, or at least, on their employees’ desktops.