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Watching the spiraling price of gold (the spot price as of this writing is $1,213.40/oz) has been a humbling experience for me. There are all kinds of marketing forces happening to cause this, but if you follow what the Austrian School folks are saying, this is not a surprising trend at all. Central banks around the world are dumping their U.S. dollars and buying up gold, which is driving the price up. But I think this is different than just another commodity bubble, because the way gold is perceived--as a store of wealth. Traditionally investors who feel the currency they are in is threatened by inflation turn to gold as a safe haven, despite the fact that the dollar for years has been perceived as a safe haven. The latter perception it seems is coming to an end, due to the U.S. government's loose monetary policy. We could be faced with spot prices for gold as high as $5000 per ounce in the near future!

The reason I am blogging about this is because I have found an excellent site founded by James Turk, called The genius behind this concept is that you can trade for goods and services using goldgrams®, a patented technology which enables customers to transact electronically with fractional amounts of real gold grams. The Internet is well suited for this sort of ability since the gold is stored in secure vaults in Switzerland and England. And you can always take physical possession of your gold for a small fee. In the event of a personal emergency where you need to sell your gold and get cash quickly, the system is fully just issue the sell order and then have your cash sent to your bank.

Made to Order Software is working on offering the ability to pay for our goods and services using goldgrams® to our customers. The advantages of doing this means that if you are concerned about the falling buying power of the U.S. dollar (or any paper currency for that matter), you can keep your wealth in gold and spend it at a moment's notice. We recommend to our customers to look into today and protect their wealth!

To your success!

Doug Barbieri

PS: I personally have an account at Early on last year I bought a little over $12,000 worth of gold and silver grams and now my holdings are worth over $16,000! Just in a short space of time! But keep in mind, I did not gain any wealth--I just protected the wealth I already had. If you are interested in opening an account, just go to and follow the instructions. It's pretty easy and the customer support is excellent!