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3 Types of Software Every Business Needs

Are you struggling to stay on top of everything in your business? 

You don't need to handle everything all alone — there's software specifically designed to help your business thrive without you having to put in more hours. The right software will save you time by keeping everything organized and ready to go. 

Learn about the 3 types of software to keep your business running as it should while you focus on more important things. 

Accounting Forms (1099, W2, etc.) with a pocket calculator

What Type of Business Do You Have?

As we go through each type, understand that the software your business needs depends mainly on the type of business you own. 

For example, a small business that hires contractors will need top software for 1099 forms, whereas a large employee base needs a comprehensive payroll system. While both need accounting support, the specifics will look different. 

As you go through each software type, ask yourself if this could benefit your business and what features you'd be looking for. If it solves a problem and will streamline business practices, consider implementing it.

1. Accounting Software

Accounting isn't easy. Keeping track of invoices and transactions can get complex, especially on paper. 

Switching to accounting software lowers excessive paper use and makes analyzing the statistics less involved. Accounting programs allow you to keep a record book that organizes your income and expenses while also categorizing them, making tracking easy. 

1099 Tax Forms

You need reliable software to track payments if you're paying contractors. 

Managing payments may be manageable within the beginning stages, but good organization becomes more difficult as more employees and transactions occur. 

Luckily, software allows these forms to be completed virtually to aid this process. Additionally, they feature different tools to make overseeing various employees simpler. Some offer SSN verification which works with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

These forms can be filed virtually with the IRA/SSA, which saves you the hassle of sending them in physically. They can also create encrypted versions of these forms to send to your clients.

Payroll Software

As your company grows, so does your responsibility to pay wages for larger groups of employees. Having software to manage this increased accountability and an overwhelming amount of wages minimizes the tedious tasks of running a business.

Virtual payroll managers keep your wages organized and allow easy modification whenever circumstances shift within the work environment.

2. Communication Software

Communication is vital amongst employees and with clients. But communication isn't solely verbal. Often, information is exchanged virtually, most commonly over email. However, organizing these records isn't easy.

There are team-based communication platforms designed to work for a business. This software has a variety of features dependent on which you choose. Common features include voice channels to allow virtual meetings, separate messaging channels so people won't be alerted about irrelevant topics, and digital calendar integrations to simplify scheduling.

3. Website

A degree in website design isn't a requirement for starting a business, but a great website will help determine your success. 

A professional-looking website offers an excellent representation of your products and services. And since this is what many customers will see before they contact you directly or enter your store, this is an important first impression. 

Don't worry — you won't need to learn how to code. With simple website software, you can quickly create a good-looking, professional, and easy-to-read site of your own. 

Improve How You Do Business

You don't need to change how you do business entirely to make it better. You can quickly improve your business structure by investing in the right tools. They will make your life easier, and your customers and employees will love the upgraded experience.