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1930 Domain Names Proposed to ICANN

This year ICANN offered businesses to proposed top level domain names to add to the existing top level domain names such as .com and .info. It received 1930 propositions. Some are regional such as .alsace and others are brands such as .google and others are broad names such as .cart and .art.

Now comes the work of choosing which names will indeed make it and which will be dropped. Plus some names such as .app were proposed by multiple companies and that means additional deliberations to know who will be awarded that TLDN.

The following table defines all the names. The table is nearly 500Kb ...

Insert Node Parameter: plain (6-1.2) [no content]

The plain keyword is used to avoid having the content being inserted put inside a tag. By default, the content is inserted inside a <span> or a <div> tag (<span> is used if the output does not include <div>, <p> and other such tags.)

Although one could overload the theme_InsertNode_node() theme function, it is at times practical to be able to use both methods.

The plain keyword does not otherwise generate any output.

This keyword primary use is for adding CCK parameters inside HTML code as proposed by one of our users (see here):

  <input ...

Sprite Properties

The following is the list of currently accepted properties or fields for the Get Property and the Set Property actions. Note that the properties can be specified with either an integer (type 7, requires V5.0+) or a single precision floating point (type 1, V4.0 compatible). And since strings are automatically transformed in a value when required, one can use a string to represent the property number (type 0).

IEEE Standard 754


The original document by Steve Hollasch can be found at

IEEE Standard 754 Floating Point Numbers

About SWF

Brief History

At the very beginning, a company created the SWF format to generate small vector animations on the Internet called Shockwave Flash (hence the name of the format, SWF.) It also included images. This company was bought by Macromedia around 1997 (if I recall properly). This is when Flash v3 was created. Since then, Macromedia created a new version about once a year up to version 8. At that time (in 2005/2006), Macromedia sealed a deal with Adobe which wanted to use the SWF format in their PDF files.

About Us

Here you will find a few of the software solutions that have been made possible by Made to Order Software Corporation. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Snap! Websites

Made to Order Software created Snap! Websites, an automated Drupal-based CMS system, which allows customers to create their own websites, hosted on our servers.

As we have been working with Drupal, we also created extension modules for it. These modules can be found in our Drupal store. We support all of our modules to the best of our ability.

Our customers who use Snap! include:

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