Declare Object

SWF Action
Action Category: 
Action Details: 
Action Identifier: 
Action Structure: 
Action Length: 
0 byte(s)
Action Stack: 
pop 1 (i), pop i1 × 2 (a), push 1 (o)
Action Operation: 
i1 := pop();
for(idx := 2; idx <= i1 * 2 + 1; ++idx) {
  aidx := pop();
o := new Object;
o.a3 := a2;
o.a5 := a4;
o.a(i1 × 2 + 1) := a(i1 × 2);
Action Flash Version: 

Pop the number of members that will be created in the object. Pop one value and one name1 per member and set the corresponding member in the object. The resulting object is pushed on the stack. It can later be sent to a function, saved in a register or set in a variable.

A declared object  is of type Object instead of being specialized by a specific class. This means the Cast Object will not be useful on such objects.

  • 1. The member names are converted to strings; they certainly should be strings though anything is supported.