SWF Action (swf_action)

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SWF Structure: 
/* basic definition of an action entry */
struct swf_action {
	unsigned char		f_action_id;
	f_action_has_length = (f_action_id & 0x80) != 0;
	if(f_action_has_length) {
		unsigned short		f_action_length;
		unsigned char		f_action_data[f_action_length];

An action is defined with an identifier, and an optional size and data (pretty much like a tag).

Note that the optional size and data are defined only for actions with an identifier of 128 or more. The other identifiers are always defined by themselves. Actions without immediate data may still access data. In that case, the data is taken from the stack.

Please, see the action list for all the supported actions.