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IEEE Standard 754


The original document by Steve Hollasch can be found at

IEEE Standard 754 Floating Point Numbers

PostgreSQL and Drupal conflict

We have been running Drupal for some time now and we have noticed that it generates a very large amount of warnings in our log files.

The warning is in link with improperly formatted strings. PostgreSQL tries to follow the SQL specification to the letter and that means you cannot use the backslash character to escape special character sequences (such as \n for a newline character.)

I knew that in most cases the error was generated because of the function saving a full page or some other content in the cache. In that case, the system includes the characters: \012 and \015 (\n and \r.) That ...

MO References for Drupal


MO References LogoGot some Doxygen or other static pages that you would like to present to your users in your Drupal website?

This module accepts a path to a folder including a list of compressed HTML documents. The module automatically extracts the files from your archives and serves them to your users as regular page of your Drupal website.


Terms & Conditions

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This Agreement ("Agreement") is by and between Made to Order Software Corporation ("m2osw") a Californian Corporation and You, your heirs, your agents, successors and assigns ("You" and "Your"), and is made effective as of the date of electronic execution, which is when you register for an electronic account to use the Web site of m2osw. This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of Your use of the Online Services ("Online Services") offered by m2osw on its

CuteMenu To Do List

There are probably many things that could be done on this module. This is a short list for now:

Adding a header & footer in a Cute Menu dropdown

Image & text at the top and bottom

The Cute Menu Module is all about making your menu look cute... This is achieved, in part, by the nice top bar, and a gradient in your dropdown. But what makes it even better are the images that you can make appear inside your menus.

There are two areas for that purpose: the Header and the Footer. Both are handled the same way, it is just a flag in your menu item that changes between one and the other.

MO Glossary for Drupal


MO Glossary LogoMO Glossary is a Drupal filter that highlights terms in your nodes. The terms can be any word, although they are expected to be abbreviations or unfamiliar words. The words are taken from a vocabulary (MO Glossary vocabulary by default.) The vocabulary terms have several additional fields one of which is named Abbreviation definition. That field is used as the title attribute of the abbreviation tag.


Managing a Photo Album


We offer the Gallerix module that let you create pages with photos and other pictures.

The photos can be captioned. The result is a set of small icons shown on the album page which when clicked take you to the display screen with a small set of icons at the top or bottom and one large photo. Clicking on the icons loads the new photo for you.

Creating a new Album

Thumbnail of the Create Album page.Once the module was installed, click on Create content. This gives you the option to create an Album. Click on that link. Now you see the usual page creation form. It includes a title which is the name of your Album, ...

Turn Watcher 1.2 is out!

Made to Order Software Corporation is proud to announce the 1.2 release of Turn Watcher, an Initiative and Effects Tracker...and more!

Version 1.2 now supports spell and other effect tracking. A optional new window appears at the bottom of the main window that allows you to add, edit and remove effects for the currently highlighted combatant. When an effect expires on the current combatant's turn, you are alerted and asked if you wish to delete the expired effect.

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