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Updates about your Drupal hosting. We inform you about security updates, potential problems and new additions you may be interested in. We try to email these newsletters at most once a week unless a security update was necessary.

New version of the MO Auto add terms module for Drupal 6.x

The logo of MO Auto add terms for Drupal by Made to Order Software Corp.We just made a few fixes to our module MO Auto add terms. We have now released version 1.9. This module automatically updates your Drupal pages with terms from your taxonomies making it a lot easier to manage a large index on all your pages.

As defined by Drupal conventions, the module should not generate any E_NOTICE errors. This version has most, if not all of them, fixed.

Drupal Security Updates and Module Upgrades

As usual, we stay busy keeping our Drupal installation updated and secure.

We have just upgraded to Drupal 6.16, installing several securty updates to bring us up to date. Although security issues that the updates addressed have not affected our customers, it is our duty to our clients to keep everything up to date nonetheless.

Critical Security issue found with MO Anti-Pounding module for Drupal: Please update!

Urgent Notice:

Made to Order Software has discovered and fixed a security flaw in our MO Anti-Pounding Drupal module. We have removed version 1.0 and made version 1.1 available.

Update to Drupal 6.15

In order to keep our Drupal installation secure, we quickly updated to version 6.15.

As far as we know, none of the security issues fixed by Drupal 6.15 would affect any one of our existing customers. Yet, we prefer to be at the top security wise and made the change very quickly, as usual. If you have any question or encounter any problem, let us know. This change was very smooth and did not require any database updates.

I also wanted to mentioned the arrival of our new Web 2.0 hosting system. We are still working on it, but very soon you will be able to jump on the bandwagon and get a ...

Drupal 6.9 upgrade

As of now, our servers are running Drupal 6.9.

As stated on the Drupal website, this is a security update. Some issues could have given a hacker access to our database system. Although the risk was low, we decided to upgrade immediately.

The other problems that Drupal 6.9 resolves, were not issues on our servers.

If you have an questions or concerns, please, feel free to contact us.


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