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Made to Order Software has chosen Drupal for its web presence, and extends this robust open source web software system as a benefit to its customers.

Using Drupal allows us to very quickly develop attractive yet very complex websites. Doing so has allows M2OSW to create custom modules designed specifically for Drupal for the benefit of our customer and the general public. We are proud to present to you our line of Drupal modules for you to enjoy:

  • Last Updated on: 07/19/2014 - 21:10

    MO Anti-Pounding logo, hammers are forbidden on our websitesMO Anti-pounding helps you prevent heavy hammering of your websites from robots and individuals by catching and banning them before the Drupal database is accessed. Use this module to prevent a large amount of your resources from being eaten up by malicious users.

  • Last Updated on: 10/23/2012 - 02:07

    MO Auto-Add Terms Logo MO Auto add terms is a PHP module for Drupal 6.x.

    It is particularly useful for maintaining small and large taxonomies with a small or large number of nodes. Especially taxonomies used as site indexes or glossaries.

    This module automatically handles the addition (and optionally removal) of taxonomy terms to a node. It does it at the time the node is saved and when the background process runs (i.e. CRON.)

  • Last Updated on: 06/20/2014 - 15:08

    MO Backup LogoA simple module that automatically and manually creates backups of one's Drupal websites.

    MO Backup backups your database and files folder. It can operate automatically when CRON is available.

  • Last Updated on: 05/12/2011 - 13:01

    The MO Button logo: an m2osw MO Button!With the MO Button module, you can create really nice buttons with just a simple tag:

    [mo_button:<name> {<parameters>...}]
  • Last Updated on: 05/02/2013 - 10:29

    MO Glossary LogoMO Glossary is a Drupal filter that highlights terms in your nodes. The terms can be any word, although they are expected to be abbreviations or unfamiliar words. The words are taken from a vocabulary (MO Glossary vocabulary by default.) The vocabulary terms have several additional fields one of which is named Abbreviation definition. That field is used as the title attribute of the abbreviation tag.

  • Last Updated on: 07/19/2014 - 07:17

    Sample Taxonomy VTN within a page.MO Insert Taxonomy VTN LogoMO Insert Taxonomy VTN is a small module used to insert any Taxonomy VTN display in any node or block. The module offers a filter that offers support for the [taxonomy_vtn ...] tag.

    The advantage is to be able to add information before and after the taxonomy listing, or to show just and only a small display using the parent/child relationship available in the module.

  • Last Updated on: 07/19/2014 - 20:49

    MO Label Inside, to make your Drupal form look modernMore and more, modern websites move the label attached to a text field input directly inside the text field. Especially, you see this feature when you are asked to enter an email address or a query string in a search box.

    The MO Label Inside module offers this functionality for all of your Drupal text field input elements.

  • Last Updated on: 05/16/2011 - 15:23

    MO Paragraph Trimmer Filter LogoMO Paragraph trimmer filter is a small Drupal 6.x module that automatically removes empty paragraphs. If you are like us, using a WYSIWYG editor such as FCKeditor or CKEditor, then you will need this filter to avoid having to re-edit the same node multiple times in order to remove the empty paragraphs that the editor adds at the end of the node.

    MO Paragraph trimmer filter works with any Drupal 6.x website.

  • Last Updated on: 05/15/2011 - 21:36

    MO Poll LogoMO Poll is a small module used in place of the Most recent poll block of the core. It extends the capabilities of the default poll block by selecting the most recent poll in link with your current page using the terms selected on your page and your polls.

    The MO Poll module searches all the polls that have terms in common with the page being displayed. It works for nodes and taxonomy term pages. If no poll is found to correspond to the page or term being displayed, then a default action is taken: display the latest still active poll, display a randomly chosen poll or one of the latest polls defined as any one poll with no terms in common.

  • Last Updated on: 07/19/2014 - 13:18

    MO References LogoGot some Doxygen or other static pages that you would like to present to your users in your Drupal website?

    This module accepts a path to a folder including a list of compressed HTML documents. The module automatically extracts the files from your archives and serves them to your users as regular page of your Drupal website.

  • Last Updated on: 07/19/2014 - 22:01

    The MO Regex Filter logo.One of our customers changed to a new domain name. This left his site with thousands of links pointing to his old domain name. Changing all of those links manually would have proven to be too time consuming. That's when Made to Order Software decided to create the MO Regex Filter Drupal module to answer his need. This module was then used to replace the old domain name with the new domain name automatically. Many days if not weeks of work was saved!

  • Last Updated on: 03/12/2011 - 17:59

    MO Tag LogoMO Tag is a module that uses a taxonomy as a list of tag names and tag values (i.e. the taxonomy term description.) The name of the tag can be supplemented by synonyms in order to allow multiple names for the same value. To insert the tags in your pages, use the [mo_tag <name>] syntax.

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