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SMS From Me Service

SMS From Me Service

SMS From Me Logo SMS From Me is a service offered by Made to Order Software Corporation that allows registered users to automatically send SMS whenever they receive a lead in their funnel.

This solution let you sends SMS message from your phone, which means that you start a conversation with your prospect.

As a result SMS From Me will help you save money by taking you away from your phone, knowing that a certain number of prospects will not react to your SMS. That will give you the ability to go on with your important prospects, those that are interested by your offer.

Note that SMS From Me uses

Technical Features:

  • An account at SMS From Me, the Internet service
  • Supported browsers:
    • Chrome
    • IE11
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • And any other modern browser
  • Required Smartphone
    • Android 4.4 or better
  • Possible access
  • Can send up to 700,000 messages per day if you turn off the limit (although this is not recommended, your smartphone service provider would likely block your SMS service.)

Known Issues

Application Crashing

It happens that the application, on your Android phone, crashes. There seems to be a conflict between the support of old models (such as the Android 4.4, KitKat) and the new models (such as Android 6, Marshmallow.

Restart the application to fix the problem.

Connection Problems

The complete service expects that your phone is pretty much always connected to the Internet one way or the other. It checks with the server whether some new SMS are to be processed. If your phone is not connected to WiFi or your phone service, then obviously your SMS messages won't get processed.

Return to a location where the phone is connected to fix this problem.

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