Create a Table of Contents from a View


There are, I'm sure, many different ways to handle views with the Table of contents.

Here is what I think is the easiest at the moment:

1. Create a view and include a Title field (which generates a header for the title, most likely <H2>)

2. Create a node and include the view in the node using the Insert view filter1

3. Select a filter on this node that includes support for Insert views and Table of contents

4. If the filter is not setup to auto-generate the table of contents, insert a toc tag in the content

Save the node and verify that the table of content appears.


a) The auto-generate features may require more headers before it generates your Table of Contents.

b) The Table of Contents setup may ignore the <H2> tag, make sure it incorporate the headers that are required with your view.


This method assumes that the view being used does not require dynamically defined parameters.

  • 1. Note that the Insert view filter was found to have some security issues. Use with care. The project home page has additional information about this module.