Insert Node Parameter: demote (6-1.2) [no content]

Demote (positive) or promote (negative) the headers found in the output before inserting it into your node.

This is useful if you want to include a complete node that has an H1 title, H2 sub-titles, etc. and make these sub-titles of your current page, maybe starting at H3 (i.e. using "... demote=2; ..." in your tag.)

By default, the value of this parameter is expected to be 1. To change the value use the following syntax:


The integer can be negative, in which case it promotes the headers (i.e. H3 can be changed to H1 using "... demote=-2; ...")

This parameter, by itself, does not generate any output.


Note that the parameter value ends with a semi-colon! Only integers, eventually negative, are accepted in this parameter. An invalid integer will be transformed into the 0 or 1. Note that the value 0 has no effect.

Only the last demote parameter is taken in account.