Coming back at the right place when adding/editing/deleting Comments

It is now possible (See #418004: Comments included --> Back after reply) to have Drupal send you back to the page that inserts the node instead of the inserted node. Say you create node A and B. You include node A inside node B. You are looking at node B now. You decide to add a comment on node A (that you see from within node B.) Click on the Add new comment link, write the comment and click Save. At that point, you probably want to come back to node B instead of node A.

This feature is only necessary if you have the links at the bottom of the node and allow comments to show up.

The feature requires the jQuery plugins module installed and enabled. It is in the package named User interface. Note that because most people do not need this feature turned on, the Insert Node module does not require the jQuery plugins to be installed (it is not a hard coded dependency.)


This feature only works on nodes. It will not work for views and other special pages.

To spare some time, the HREF is changed only when someone clicks on the comment links. Thus, looking at the HTML code will not show any difference.

The Comments cannot be using the Preview feature or the destination query string will get lost. This is a problem in all of Drupal. It would be really neat to have a fix in Drupal 6.x though.