SubString (multi-byte)

SWF Action
Action Category: 
String and Characters
Action Details: 
Action Identifier: 
Action Structure: 
Action Length: 
0 byte(s)
Action Stack: 
pop 2 (i), pop 1 (s), push 1 (s)
Action Operation: 
i1 := pop();
i2 := pop();
s3 := pop();
r := s3[i2 .. i2 + i1 - 1];
Action Flash Version: 
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Pop a multi-byte string s3, get i1 characters from the position i2 (1 based) and push the result back on the stack.

The start position is given in characters. This action works properly with international characters.

i1 is expected to be positive or zero.

Since version 5, the String object substr(), substring() or slice() functions should be used instead.