SWF Zone Array (swf_zone_array)

SWF Structure Info
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struct swf_zone_array {
	unsigned char		f_zone_count;		/* always 2 in V8.0 */
	swf_zone_data		f_zone_data[f_zone_count];
	/* I inverted the bits below, but I'm not too sure what is correct, do you know? */
	unsigned		f_reserved : 6;
	unsigned		f_zone_y : 1;		/* probably always 1 in V8.0 */
	unsigned		f_zone_x : 1;		/* probably always 1 in V8.0 */

An array of alignment zones defines hints about glyphs defined in a DefineFont3.

The f_zone_count specifies how many zones are defined in a zone array. In version 8 of SWF, the count must be set to 2.

The f_zone_data is an array of zones, each defining a position and a size.

The f_zone_x and f_zone_y defines whether the horizontal and vertical positions and sizes are defined. At least one of these flag shall be set to 1.1

  • 1. Since in version 8 you must have 2 in f_zone_count, you most certainly need to set both of these flags to 1 in that version. In effect, all you can currently do is define one rectangle (zone).