SWF Morph Shape with Style (swf_morph_shape_with_style)

SWF Structure Info
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SWF Structure: 
struct swf_morph_shape_with_style {
	swf_styles		f_styles;
	swf_shape_record	f_shape_records[variable];
	char align;
	swf_styles_count	f_styles_count;
	swf_shape_record	f_shape_records_morph[variable];

The array of shape records starts with a set of styles definition and is followed by shape records. The list of shape records ends with a null record.

Note that f_shape_records_morph cannot include any reference to styles and lines, nor include new styles. It is likely that the f_styles_count will always be 0x11. Also, it is always byte aligned.