Notes about Copyrights

SSWF™ name

The name SSWF™ is used by Made to Order Software to reference its SWF library. You are welcome to use this name in reference the SSWF library if you use it in your own software.

SWF Format

Please, note that there is no restriction in using this document. However, the SWF format copyright holders are Macromedia and Adobe. There may be limits in what you can do using this format. If you are not sure, I suggest you contact a knowledgeable copyright and Software attorney who can help you decide what you can do with the SWF format.

MP3 Format

Please, note that MP3 audio encoders and decoders can freely be used as long as you don't generate any revenue from them. If you intend to sell or buy a product which uses an MP3 audio encoder or encoder or both, you most certainly want to know more about licensing issues in regard to that concept. You can find all the necessary information on the following site: