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"Ruthing" of your Avatar

Hi all,

With the release of Linden Lab's Viewer 2, an issue has cropped up for users of SLiteChat. Presently, SLiteChat does not attempt to rez your avatar in-world. With pre-2.0 viewers, this was never an issue (the AV just appears as a ghosty-blob). However, Viewer 2.0 handles in-world rendering a little differently than pre-viewer 2 and other viewers like Snowglobe and Emerald. This results in a fully dressed AV that has the default "Ruth" body (i.e. if you have a male avatar, it will appear as female, hovering in the air, to users of Viewer 2 who try to look at you).

Sadly, there is no work around at the present time. However, I wanted you to know that we are working on a fix for this. One of SLiteChat's goals has been to rez avatars correctly in-world, so this is something that is on-going.

Thanks for using SLiteChat!


Avatar 'Ruthing'

Hi It's been quite a while since this issue was mentioned ( 08/04/2010 ). Any progress on a fix? Thanks, Acorna

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