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Process Credit Cards in an Instant1!

PHP PayJunction. Process Credit Cards online.

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Made to Order Software developed the product named PHP PayJunction that works with the Trinity System, an e-Commerce capable credit card processing software.

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This PHP PayJunction class abstracts the QuickLink API. It defines three set of very easy to use PHP functions as follow:

  • A set of functions used to setup the credit card transaction;
  • The process()function called to actually send the transaction to the Trinity System; and
  • A set of functions used to check the outcome of the transaction.

The process()function parses the answer returned by the Trinity System. This is why the PHP Pay Junction class can be used with great ease to check out the results.

For instance, when a transaction fails, you should call the is_bad_card()function. This function tells you whether your customer card number was somehow banned by the banking system (usually because the card was reportedly stolen or lost.)

And to help the developer greatly, PHP Pay Junction checks all the parameters in great details to avoid sending an invalid request to the Trinity system. If you think about it, by avoiding sending transactions that are known to be invalid you avoid taking the chance of being charged your regular flat fee for nothing. This means a great saving if you process a large number of credit cards every day. Also, it is very easy to misuse the QuickLink API, when it is very difficult to send an invalid transaction using the PHP Pay Junction class. If you attempt to set two contradictory variables in the transaction, the PHP Pay Junction class will generate an exception and thus prevent you from sending your transaction.

Test Early, Test Often

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If you are a tester, you heard that many times: Test Early and Test Often. If you can test each changes, you are more likely to find a problem when it emerges. At a time when it still is easy to fix it.

Many times, a transaction starts with an invalid credit card number. After all, such numbers are usually 16 digits and typing 16 digits is not always that easy. In your web page, before sending your form, you should check the information the user entered. If you find an error, then you can prompt the user right then, wasting no time. Plus, it will save you a useless transaction fee since you could yourself detect that there is an error.

As part of the PayJunction package, you will get a Javascript function you can use directly in your website to verify that the credit card number is between 13 and 16 digits and is a valid number by testing it with the Luhn check.

Technical Features:

  • Supported platforms:
    • All platforms that support PHP 5.0 or better
      (MS-Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X, SunOS, HP UX, etc.)
  • Support 99% of the QuickLink API.
  • Catches many errors early.
  • Documentation about the required PayJunction Gateway setup.
  • Uses cURL to generate the necessary API calls2. cURL is available as is in PHP 5.x.
  • Process Credit Cards in minutes from your PHP environment3.
  • Ensure that the transaction to be sent to the Trinity system is well formed.
  • The package includes a JavaScript function one can use to test the credit card number for validity.
  • Process Credit Cards from nearly anywhere in the world.
  • Includes a complete list of all the QuickLink errors.
  • Very detailed documentation.

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  • 1. Your own and valid Trinity account is required. Call Alexis at +1 (916) 220 6482 to setup your account today.
  • 2. Older versions (1.0 and 1.1) used HTTP_Request which is not available anymore.
  • 3. For this system to work in a secure environment (mandatory), you are required to have a server with HTTPS and a valid SSL certificate. Note that the demo gateway will generally work without the certificate.
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