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New Avatars and Log-in Issues...

Recently, Linden Lab changed the way they create names for new avatars for Second Life. Now they allow you to create an avatar with a first name-only, whereas in the past they used to allow you to choose from a list of pre-defined last names. You still do have a last name, but it is actually "Resident."

For SLiteChat, this causes a problem for people who are used to logging in via first name only. For example, a new avatar named Angel123 cannot log into SLiteChat because SLiteChat expects a last name in addition to a first name. So, if Angel123 wants to log in using SLiteChat, she just needs to include a space after the name and insert "Resident" as the last name. So the username would look like this:

Angel123 Resident

So if you are experiencing log in issues, please try this work around!

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