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New version of the MO Auto add terms module for Drupal 6.x

The logo of MO Auto add terms for Drupal by Made to Order Software Corp.We just made a few fixes to our module MO Auto add terms. We have now released version 1.9. This module automatically updates your Drupal pages with terms from your taxonomies making it a lot easier to manage a large index on all your pages.

As defined by Drupal conventions, the module should not generate any E_NOTICE errors. This version has most, if not all of them, fixed.

This notice is also to let you know that there were two small problems in version 1.8. We suggest that you do not use 1.8 if you downloaded it. Version 1.9 will fix the problems, but if you did upgrade to 1.8 in the last few days, please, take the time to upgrade to 1.9 quickly.

Looking for other modules? We have many! Look here: Also, don't hesitate to contact us, we can develop your own module and enhance our existing modules.

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