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MO Glossary Anchor Support Improvements

MO Glossary moduleWe are glad to let you know that we just made an update to the MO Glossary module, a module extension for Drupal 6.x.

This update brings better support to anchors by offering you five different anchor classes and five different filters (i.e. you can change the look and feel of each anchor based on some criteria that fits your website and group your glossary terms in five different taxonomies!) Also, the anchor can be made to point to one of three different destinations:

  • The Drupal Core Term Page;
    This is the default for an anchor
  • The Taxonomy VTN Term Page;
    Simply install the Taxonomy VTN module and the links will automatically point to the corresponding VTN page
  • A URL of your choice
    Each term now has a field where you can enter a URL

The last option is new. The URL is anything you'd like, an internal link (/go-to-this-page) or an external link (an affiliate link for instance!)

The module can still change abbreviations such as SQL in an ABBR tag, and it can now be used with terms such as Drupal modules and change them in a link, 100% automatically. This is really helpful when you have large documents full of words that you'd like to link to a specific page or when you're an Internet Marketer who wants to create affiliate links on many words with the least effort. The transformation can still happen just once per page, or for all the words found on the page.

Make sure to visit the MO Glossary module page for more detailed information of everything the module supports.

Alexis Wilke
Made to Order Software Corp.


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